What are the differences between a serving wine cellar and an ageing wine cellar?

The service wine cellar is for bottles of wine that will be enjoyed quickly. The ageing cellar is where you store wines to be kept for several years. These cellars do not have the same characteristics (temperature, humidity, etc.).

What is a service wine cellar? Tasting objective

The service wine cellar brings and maintains bottles at the right temperature - the serving temperature - during tasting. It generally takes the form of a refrigerated cabinet with shelves. Service wine cellars are not designed to store wine for several years.

Choose the right temperature for your bottles (red, white or rosé). There are single-temperature models and others with multi-temperature adjustment by zone.

What is an ageing cellar? Conservation objective

The aging wine cellar allows wines to age in the best possible conditions, so that they improve over time, and over several years. Ageing wine cellars are designed for conservation and preservation. This type of model must respect :

  • a constant temperature,
  • precise hygrometry (humidity level),
  • good ventilation.
The ageing cellar must also protect the bottles from light and UV rays, and prevent any vibrations.

Serving or ageing wine cellar: which one for your home?

Design, built-in, capacity, multi-zone, capacity, the choice of models is now vast!

Now it all depends on :

  • what you intend to do with your wines (conservation over several years, storage, always having a bottle at the right temperature for dinner!)
  • your tastes (are you a red wine enthusiast, a white wine enthusiast or both?),
  • the space you have available (house/apartment),
  • the number of bottles you have,
  • your budget.
A compromise? There's a third type of cellar: the mixed cellar, also known as the multi-function cellar. More versatile, it assumes both functions (conservation and service).

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In conclusion

You buy your bottles of wine and enjoy them as you go → go for a service wine cellar. You want to build up a cellar and age your wines over several years (5 years) → choose an aging wine cellar.

What are the ideal temperatures for a serving cellar and a wine ageing cellar?

Service temperature in degrees Aging temperature in degrees
Red wines between 11 °C and 19 °C 12 °C
White wines between 9 °C and 14 °C 12 °C

Red wines

Service temperature in degrees between 11 °C and 19 °C
Aging temperature in degrees 12 °C

White wines

Service temperature in degrees between 9 °C and 14 °C
Aging temperature in degrees 12 °C

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Aveine's precision

There are several ways to store bottles of wine: an underground cellar, a closet, a garage or cellar, a refrigerated wine cellar or a wine cabinet.