Our story

Discover the entrepreneurial adventure behind Aveine.

Our story

Since 2016, the whole Aveine team has been working to take wine devotees’ tasting experience to the next level. Our leader on this adventure is our CEO Nicolas Naigeon, who is an engineer passionate about wine.

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An entrepreneurial adventure

Wine is all about passion. Nicolas Naigeon grew up in a winegrowing family in Aloxe-Corton. Having trained as an engineer, he specialised in the biomedical field. But, with his passion for wine never far away, he decided to use his engineering knowledge to take wine to the next level and created Aveine in 2016.


Aveine created

Aveine: a vision for wine

Our mission is to make tasting wine simple and intuitive for everyone. Often, wine isn’t served in the right conditions (aeration, temperature, etc.) At Aveine, we’re always looking for solutions that will take each wine to the next level and provide a revolutionary experience, shining a light on each winegrower’s exceptional handiwork.


The first patent for Aveine technology

Fans of Aveine

Since we launched, numerous wine professionals have given us their support. Knowing just how effective our products are, they've all seen Aveine’s potential for wine enthusiasts and devotees.

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Fans of Aveine

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