Aveine: cutting-edge technology

Since 2017, Aveine has been working on taking wine to the next level with its patented technology.

Aveine: cutting-edge technology

Aeration opens up wine. This is why Aveine has created its cutting-edge aerators. Using micro-oxygenation, they provide precise, reproducible aeration for an unforgettable tasting experience.

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In the micro-oxygenation process, a small amount of oxygen is added to the wine. This technology is inspired by the methods used to oxygenate blood during cardiac surgery. When applied to wine, it has a miraculous effect: your wine can be served perfectly aerated without the need for decanting.

How the Aveine technology works

Aveine wine aerators give you easy access to the benefits of micro-oxygenation. Like your own sommelier, they instantly create the optimum tasting experience. The aerators use air pumps to add ambient air to your wine as it passes through the device.

Only the wine you’ve served is aerated: the rest of the bottle isn’t. This means you can try different levels of aeration for the same bottle and adapt to your guests’ different tastes.


The first patent for the Aveine technology.

Patented technology

Our aerators have had an exclusive Aveine patent since 2018. Only Aveine aerators can instantly reproduce the effects of 1 to 24 hours of aeration with precision.

Aveine has also won prizes for its innovation. Our Aveine Original aerator won both the CES Innovation Award and the A’Design Award in 2019.

The app: your tasting companion

Aveine technology extends to more than just our aerators. Our mobile app available on iOS and Android will guide you through the process of aerating your wine. Just scan a bottle label for recommendations about how long to aerate the wine for. A true tasting companion!

The app: your tasting companion

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