When to uncork a bottle of red wine?

Bottles of red wine should be uncorked well before serving, from 1 hour (light wines) to over 10 hours (young, full-bodied wines), or even up to 24 hours for the most structured wines. Older wines and vintages should be opened at the time of tasting.

Advice: when to open a bottle of red wine before tasting?

Depending on the wine to be tasted, opening a bottle of red wine can take from a few minutes to several hours. It's not an easy operation, as the moment to open a bottle of red wine depends on the :

  • vintage (the age of the wine),
  • grape variety (some are more sensitive to oxidation),
  • type of wine (light, powerful, tannic, etc.)

It is generally recommended to open a bottle of red wine at least 1 hour before drinking, with the exception of older wines. In practice, we always open our bottles too late, and few people are able to anticipate opening them 8 hours before tasting. In the best of worlds, you'd have to open the bottle at least 4 hours beforehand.

Wine is living organic matter. There is no single right answer to the question "when to open a bottle of red wine". Aeration time depends on the red wine. The method of aeration also has a part to play in the story: proper carafing promotes oxygenation of the wine and can reduce the delta between opening and tasting.

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Carafing is another technique for aerating wine. Carafing reduces the time between opening and tasting. The surface area of the wine in contact with the air is greater, accelerating the oxygenation process. Carafing is a technique that abruptly opens up aromas, and is not suitable for older wines, which are best decanted and opened at the last moment.

Why open a bottle of wine before tasting?

Uncorking the bottle lets the bottle breathe. Aeration allows the bouquet to express itself. It softens the tannins of red wines and enhances their roundness. Aerate a wine to enjoy its subtle notes and full aromas. Reawaken the potential of your Bordeaux wines and discover the true taste of the great Burgundy wines.

The wine aerator: the solution for uncorking bottles at just the right moment

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Aveine's advice

Serve your wine - whether red, white or rosé - at the right temperature.

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