Can white wine be stored in the fridge?

While it's possible to store an opened bottle of white wine in the fridge, there are a few rules to follow. Incorrect storage of your bottles can alter the nose of a white wine and compromise its enjoyment.

How to store your white wines in the fridge?

While many white wines are best enjoyed chilled, some bottles can be enjoyed at room temperature once they have left the cellar.

An open bottle keeps differently from a closed one. Once opened, white wine can be refrigerated under certain conditions before a second tasting. However, it is not advisable to store a closed bottle of white wine in the fridge.

When should I put a bottle of white wine in the fridge?

After opening, store white wine in a cool place away from direct sunlight. To do this, you can keep an open bottle of white wine in the refrigerator, if you don't have a cellar, for example.

The temperature of a refrigerator is generally between 0 and 7°C. Dry white wines should ideally be served at between 10 and 12°C, champagne at 8°C. As soon as it comes out of the fridge, the opened bottle is not at the right temperature for serving. What should you do? Consider taking it out a little before tasting, so that the white wine can warm up.

Like red wine, white wine needs to be stored in a specific way so as not to affect its aromas, structure or appearance. An insulated cellar or garage is the ideal place to store white wine, sparing it from temperature changes. Before opening, white wine should be kept at a constant temperature of around 12-13°C and a constant humidity level of 70-80%. To preserve wine before tasting, the fridge temperature is too low and humidity too low. This will alter the wine's taste, as it will lose some of its flavor. You can, however, place your bottle of white wine in the fridge for a few hours before serving, to refresh it.

How to store a bottle of white wine in the fridge after opening?

  • First, check how much wine is left. If only a small quantity remains, it's best to transfer it to a smaller, airtight container. The main risk after opening a bottle is oxidation. A better-suited container will limit oxidation. Choose a glass container so as not to alter the aromas.
  • Make sure your bottle or container is tightly closed. You can use the bottle's cork or a vacuum pump to expel the air..
  • You can keep an opened dry white wine in the fridge for 2 to 3 days. The sweeter the white wine, the longer it will keep. For example, a sweet white wine can be kept in the fridge for several weeks.

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Aveine's advice

White wine can rise by up to 2°C before serving. Place your bottle in the fridge door. The fridge door is a more temperate area than the others (between 6 and 7°C). Your wine is ready to enjoy!