How to hold a glass of wine?

You should hold your wine glass by the stem, at the base, in the middle or higher, before the chalice (balloon), the part that contains the wine. This gesture prevents the wine from heating up or leaving fingerprints on the glass.



3 good ways to hold your wine glass during a tasting

  • Place your index (or middle) finger and thumb on the stem of the glass, just above the base. Your other fingers do not need to hold the glass.
  • Place your index finger and thumb in the middle of the glass stem.
  • Hold your wine by its base between your thumb and other fingers.
Our other tips to help you look your best and avoid the odd mistake:
  • Don't grip the glass too tightly, just enough to prevent it slipping out of your hand.
  • Never place the chalice in the palm of your hand, or worse, in both hands. Prefer hot chocolate or soup if you need to warm up...
  • Before each sip, lightly swirl the wine in the glass and inhale.

How to properly hold a glass of wine

How to hold a glass of champagne

Like wine, champagne should be served at the right temperature in a flute or glass. Hold your champagne glass by its stem (top, bottom, middle) or base. Don't put your fingers on the chalice.

Why hold a glass of wine properly?

Don't feel like a beginner

Oenology is a codified field that calls for a certain gesture. A trained eye will easily recognize an amateur by the way he/she grabs his/her glass of wine during a tasting. Drinking wine is as much an art as a technique.

Don't reheat the wine

Holding a glass of wine properly is not a matter of snobbery. If you hold your glass incorrectly, usually at the chalice, you risk heating the wine with the heat from your hands. To enjoy your wine to the fullest, it must be served at the correct temperature, known as service temperature. So always hold your glass by its base or stem.

Avoid streaks on glass

Holding your wine glass at stem level prevents fingerprints on the wall of the chalice. While this may not alter the wine's aromas, it does detract from the visual pleasure promised by the sight of an immaculate, crystal-clear glass.

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Aveine's advice

Try to always drink from the same spot on the glass. This is the best way to avoid multiple lip marks on your glass of red or white wine. Connoisseurs will appreciate the elegance of the gesture.

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