The Aveine app: your tasting companion

Our app will guide you each step of the way so you can enjoy an unforgettable tasting.

The Aveine app: your tasting companion

The Aveine app is the ideal tool for wine enthusiasts and devotees. Designed in collaboration with experts, it guides you through the process of using the aerator so you can serve your wine at the aeration level it needs. Soon, you won’t be able to do without the app’s recommendations.

aérateur aérateur

An aeration recommendation within a few moments

How many hours of aeration does your wine need? It’s easy to find the answer by scanning the bottle label. If the bottle is already in our database, you’ll be shown the aeration time. All you need to do is calibrate your aerator and pour. If your bottle isn’t recognised, you’ll need to answer a few quick questions so our algorithm can give you a recommended aeration time.

An algorithm developed in collaboration with wine professionals

These recommendations are provided by our algorithm developed by oenologists, sommeliers and winegrowers. They have used their expertise to create a design that will allow you to enjoy your wine in the very best conditions. Think of the app as a pocket sommelier you can call on any time.

Your tasting companion

You can also use the Aveine app to take notes on your tastings and browse a list of wine scanned. This is the best way to make sure you remember any wonderful new discoveries!

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