Aveine: partnering with chefs and gastronomy

At Aveine, we’re committed to sharing our passion for gastronomy, chefs and beautiful products each day. That’s why we’ve created En Cuisine avec Aveine.

Aveine: partnering with chefs and gastronomy

Our passion for gastronomy is at the heart of what drives us at Aveine. We enjoy celebrating premium products and the work of outstanding chefs who take it to new level. And we’ve created the En Cuisine avec Aveine culinary competition to develop this further. Each year, three chefs and their sommeliers compete to create the best food and wine pairings.

aérateur en service repas avec l'aérateur

Aveine launches its culinary competition

How do you create the best combination of food and wine? This is the task given to three chefs and their sommeliers. In the course of half a day of work in the kitchen, they have to come up with two dishes that pair wonderfully with a single wine aerated to different levels using an Aveine wine aerator. This is an unusual challenge for outstanding chefs.

Revealing the best food and wine pairings

The aim of the competition is to reveal the full potential of food and wine combinations. A good pairing can transform a dinner into a real tasting experience, which is why each chef is free to bring along their own chosen wine expert. Together, these dynamic duos compete in front of a jury of exacting experts.

Aeration: a key element in food and wine pairings

Aeration is a key factor in food and wine pairings as it changes the flavours of each bottle. The more aerated a wine is, the softer its tannins and the less its acidity. These different elements can significantly affect food and wine pairings. So, if you adjust a wine's aeration, it can beautifully accompany various different dishes.

Watch a report on the first competition

En cuisine avec Aveine - Omar Dhiab

En cuisine avec Aveine - Julien Dumas

En cuisine avec Aveine - Adrien Cachot

En cuisine avec Aveine - Amine Hanafi

En cuisine avec Aveine - Pierre Renauld

En cuisine avec Aveine - Sophie Menut Yovanovitch

En cuisine avec Aveine - Pierre Vila Palleja

En cuisine avec Aveine - Nicolas Naigeon

A long-term collaboration between Aveine and gastronomy

At Aveine, gastronomy is a passion of ours because wine is a key part of a wonderful culinary experience. Hence why we’ve partnered with various chefs to reinvent the oenological experience at their restaurants. Are you a food service professional? Discover our ambassador programme.

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A long-term collaboration between Aveine and gastronomy

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